5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fiber!

Fiber is one of the crucial nutrients in our diet, There are so many health benefits of adding more fiber to your everyday routine and here are just a few!


1- Fiber is Satisfying and found in many fruits and vegetables like the artichoke above, Fiber is also filling without being fattening, Those on a high fiber diet actually tend to consume fewer calories than those who do not eat as much fiber.


2-Fiber also aids in regulating blood sugar which most of us with all the hidden sugar that are in our daily diets could use more of.


3- Fiber has also been shown to help the body reduce the amount of fat it stores, This is great for anyone looking to lose weight or just manage their current weight.


4- Fiber can also help from a gut balancing probiotic perspective by helping decrease the amount of bad bacteria we have in our digestive system while ensuring good bacteria can thrive!


5-Fiber from fruits and vegetable also aid in keeping up regular in the bathroom which is one of the best reasons to get more fiber for anyone trying to get more regular or dealing with constipation.


If you would like more information on adding more fiber into your diet or have any questions about anything health and wellness give us a shout!


One last thing: Have you tried the Fruit and Veggie Powder from 180 Health? It has 25 servings of fruits and veggies! A great way to add some extra fiber and nutrients to your everyday.




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