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You've probably heard the term Keto, but you might not know exactly what it is. While it might sound like slang for Cheetos's, it is actually short for Ketogenic diet, a dietary plan quite popular right now.

So today we are going to dive into the Ketogenic diet and delve into its in, outs, and why it is a diet sweeping the internet right now.

The basics of the Keto diet are following a very low-carb, high fat diet. You adjust to this diet by drastically reducing your intake of carbohydrates. You replace the carbohydrates you are used to consuming with fat. By creating this reduction and making the replacement with fat, you put your body into Ketosis, a metabolic state.

Ketosis is when your body produces ketones out of fat. It then uses these ketones for energy instead of carbohydrates. It is actually a natural metabolic state; your body is also known to go into Ketosis during fasting, infancy, and even pregnancy. By reducing your carbohydrates intake and replacing them with fats, it forces your body into this state. This is why in the short term, people typically lose weight very quickly because it enters your body into this metabolic state, reducing your body's glycogen and water stores.

Now that you understand what Ketosis is, you might be curious the exact rules people follow. This varies person to person and how extreme their Keto diet is. In general, you must eat less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day for it to be a true Keto diet. Some people eat as little as 20 grams a day. The exact value varies as ketosis in the body varies between each individual as our genetic makeup is all different.

There are also different variations of the diet. A simple breakdown to view the differences is as followed:

The Ketogenic diet has been proven through different studies to have benefits in treating many different diseases. While research is far from conclusive, the studies have shown reduction in symptoms of individuals following the ketogenic diet suffering from the following diseases:

We've gone over what it is, the types of Keto, and potential diseases Keto can treat. Now it is time to get into the nitty-gritty of Keto & what foods to avoid if you are following the Ketogenic diet.

Foods to Avoid:


While the list of things you cannot eat may seem extensive at first, the number of things you can eat is extensive.


Foods to Eat:


The Ketogenic diet is similar to many other diets as it in encourages eating whole foods that are a single-ingredient food.

Shelby B Marketing Director for 180 Health & Wellness

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