Back to the Basics!

This crazy busy Summer is coming to an end with back to school time right around the corner, That's why I wanted to share this reminder of when life becomes too hectic to stay on top of your health and wellness goals sometimes the best thing you can do is get back to the basics. Your baseline of health benefits so much from getting the appropriate nutrients and support our bodies need to truly function how it should, often times some of the basic elements of wellness have fallen to the wayside such as taking our daily supplements.


Our doctors recommend the Core 4 to all patients who are looking for a solid baseline of health, These are the 4 Core needs that we see with our patients on a daily basis. In use with a healthy diet these supplements provide the core support needed to provide physical and mental health during busy and stressful times.


The Core 4 consists of

1-Optimal Multivitamin

2-Probiotic Support

3-Vitamin D "Strength depends on lab testing"

4- Omega Support


If life seems to be getting in the way of your wellness goals always remember sometimes we just have to get back to the basics and start from there one day at a time.



If you have questions about the right supplements for you get in touch with us today for a FREE wellness consultation and take advantage of our sale with discount code in the image above. These products are designed to last for two months at a time making it convenient and easy to make part of your daily wellness routine.

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