Choosing the Right Supplements?

We all have that drawer at home that is full of the half used bottles of supplements that we thought would be the exact thing we were looking for to give us optimal health. Just like myself I have tried so many supplements just looking for that one that makes all of the difference, but truth be told most of what we buy at the stores is so low in quality that we are just getting minimal amounts of what is actually in the supplement if there is any active ingredient to be found at all. Bootleg supplements unfortunately have become a real issue and that is why now more than ever choosing quality supplements is vital. I personally look for supplements that are evaluated by a third party to check quality just like our products we carry at 180 Health they are all GMP Certified which leaves no room for bootlegging. As the wellness coordinator I see everyday the positive health changes that happen when patients go the Functional Medicine route and have labs and testing done to confirm which supplements are actually needed and that is when you truly see your health change for the better instead of just trying this and that from Walgreens or the local health food store. If you are struggling with your health and looking for answers come in today for wellness consultation and let us show you from actual testing what nutrients/supplements your body is needing. We get to the root cause of your health issues and that is why we have such great success with getting patients feeling better and back to the things in their lives they want to be doing. Just remember the quality of any supplements you take is so important to your overall health and I hope this finds you well and has you think differently before grabbing that vitamin from a company you have never heard of off the shelf. Your health is your greatest wealth and we want the best for our patients at 180 Health!


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