Looking to Avoid Surgery?

At 180 Health Medical & Wellness, we have several different non surgical joint pain treatments available. 

How do I know if these treatments will fix my pain and are right for me? 

First, your 180 Health Medical & Wellness Center provider reviews your medical history and performs a physical exam to make sure regenerative medicine is the right fit for you.

If regenerative medicine is the right pathway for you, our provider will develop an individualized treatment plan- this could be the Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy listed above, PRP therapy, or a combination of both.  

Regenerative medicine results include reduced pain and inflammation and improved function in the injured area.

PRP and stem cell injections promote natural healing, so it may take a few weeks or months for you to notice an improvement.

Our Clinic also offers:

180 Health Medical & Wellness Treatment Spotlight: 

Be sure to ask about our Aches & Pains or Diet & Detox IV Options today!

The Aches & Pains IV is a functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids at a cellular level reducing inflammation while increasing circulation. 

The Diet & Detox IV option provides replenishing fluid, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to burn stubborn body fat, detoxify your body to rid it of unhealthy toxins, and boost your energy. 

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment 



Shelby B Marketing Director for 180 Health & Wellness

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