My time at the Drew Lewis Foundation.

After my experience guest speaking this past week for the Drew Lewis Foundation I have to say that I have a whole new outlook and perspective on how hard it is for many families in this area who are trying to actually break out of their circumstances and better their lives. I guest spoke about Traffic Light Eating to the families and taught them a tool that anyone no matter your budget can take home and start utilizing immediately. My experience meeting with these groups was very eye opening as the many basic needs the community of Springfield has that the Drew Lewis Foundation is doing an incredible job at meeting for these families. From the website of Drew Lewis Foundation "

 ​The Drew Lewis Foundation focuses on asset-based urban development to realize a community’s full potential. Residents of a community are inclined to preserve what they love. If a neighborhood’s parks, schools, and homes, are poorly kempt, the motivation to preserve them fades away. An asset-based approach revitalizes the community infrastructure, and renews residents’ neighborhood pride. The Drew Lewis Foundation plants roots in the community and builds from within, which opens up new opportunities for funding sources, and adds leverage to those already established. The Drew Lewis Foundation creates special initiatives to raise awareness, provide resources, and assist in the preservation and renovation of community assets.

​​Our mission at the Drew Lewis Foundation is to improve the quality of life in under-served urban neighborhoods. To accomplish this, we partner with existing area organizations to establish community hubs, which boost the economic and physical wellbeing of neighborhood residents. We achieve these outcomes through a variety of means, including educational and vocational programs, garden-to-table initiatives, public health services, and community events."


The goal of this blog post is to continue raising awareness for the needs of our community and shed some light on all the amazing things this organization does to better our community and those who live here.


If you would like to find out more about The Drew Lewis Foundation and how you can help and donate please follow the link below:


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