Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections- What Should You Know?

Our team at 180 Health Medical & Wellness Center offers integrative treatments that help your body heal itself naturally, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. 

Platelet-rich plasna injections are a concentrated form of your body’s own healing substances. Normal blood is mainly comprised of liquid (plasma), but it also contains small solid components- these are the red cells, white cells, and platelets. 

Though platelets are best-known for forming blood clots, these substances also contain hundreds of special proteins (growth factors) that support cellular regeneration. That means they help your body grow healthy, new cells to rebuild damaged or injured tissues. 

PRP contains many more platelets than what is found in blood alone. Since it has such a high concentration of platelets, it therefore has a higher concentration of growth factors.

How is PRP done? 

We mentioned early how PRP injections are a natural integrative treatment. 

PRP injections are developed from one’s own blood. First, blood is drawn from a patient, then the blood drawn has the platelets separated from the other blood cells, and the platelet concentration is increased. This process is called centrifugation.

After this process is complete, the increased concentration of platelets is combined with the remaining blood and it is ready for injection. 

During the injection, an ultrasound is used to pinpoint specific areas for the injection and then the PRP will be injected into the affected area. 

PRP procedures typically take an hour. 

What all does Platelet-Rich Plasma injections treat?

According to Johns Hopkins, "Recent studies have suggested that applying PRP to the scalp can address androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness). Complex baldness problems may require getting once-a-month PRP treatments for four to six months. For all patients addressing hair loss, consistent treatment with PRP therapy yields optimal results."

The risk of PRP injections is very minimal; typically, patients do experience pain at the injection site a few days after the procedure before they experience the healing results. 

Many patients have successfully achieved their optimal health with simple and customizable treatment at 180 Health Medical & Wellness Center. To learn more, call the friendly staff or book an appointment online today.

Shelby B Marketing Director for 180 Health & Wellness

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