The Key to Weight Loss!

Most diets focus on calorie restrictions and hard to follow unsustainable methods that have most moving from one fad to the next. What if though there was a way to possibly eat more food and still see the weight loss results you are looking for? When we think of overall health and nutrition we have to focus on getting more fresh whole foods in our diets. A recent study showed that individuals who started cutting back on processed foods, refined grains, and sugar and started adding more fresh whole foods to their diets lost a significant amount of weight in a years time.


This study shows that for healthy lasting weight loss we should not be so calorie focused and in turn focus on feeding our bodies the right nutrition they need to maintain a healthy weight. This also leads to a thought on diet quality over quantity. When we get the quality of our diet right and give our bodies the nutrition they are craving over processed foods it is amazing how your body will repay you. Another focus we have for weight loss is insulin resistance and blood sugar metabolism which is why with starting weight loss with any patient we do extensive labs to ensure that what we are working on will truly be improving overall health. Certain lab values must be addressed for adequate and successful weight loss. Not saying that calories do not matter but most people will be shocked at the changes in how they look and feel when you start focusing on whole nutritious fresh foods to satisfy your hunger. Diet quality is so important when it comes to long term weight success and overall health and wellbeing.


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