Tips to De-Stress

Feeling stressed? Be assured you are not alone. We all experience stress at some point in our lives. Stress is a triggered body response to situations that thus causes anxiety, concern, as well as other mental strains.

Some top triggers of Stress are as followed:

So, if you are feeling stressed & want to find relief, here are few tips from our office to help.

  1. Keep a Journal

    Did you ever have an elementary teacher that made you write your bad feelings on a piece of paper, thus to crumble it up and throw it away in a trash can? The action of throwing away the bad thoughts was my teacher’s way of having us young students relieve stress. The simple action worked wonders on my youth mentality. It was a simple magic trick I have adapted into my adult life by journaling. Journaling is the same concept tailored to a more adult lifestyle because you are writing down all the thoughts you had that day that caused you stressed. I at the end make one realistic goal I can fix. By completing that one little goal, it is just like throwing the rest of my stressors in the trash for the day. Sure- they might come back the next day. But then you journal away to complete another action. Eventually the list will hopefully dwindle and you will be left with writing what you are grateful for that day versus what you are stressed about.

  2. Get Some Fresh Air

    The benefits of being outdoors are tenfold. Have you ever noticed the mental clarity you get after being outside in the fresh air for some time? That’s from the increase in oxygen; oxygen levels tend to be higher in fresh air than indoor air & the higher the oxygen, the better circulation you have in your body. This also increases your serotonin levels, along with the Vitamin D exposure from the sunshine. The increase of serotonin can help relieve digestion issues caused by stress (as most of your serotonin is in your gut).

  3. Get Moving

    By being active, you release stress by clearing your head and taking yourself away from the everyday pressures. By “getting moving” we don’t mean you need to take on a full intense work out session every time you are stressed. Studies have shown that even just 20 minutes of walking can release endorphins and increase moods. Most studies show greater improvement outdoor than indoor because outdoor spaces have all the benefits we mentioned previously. In fact a UK study found that walking through green spaces can put the brain into a meditative state. Depending on your time and what you have availability, everyone seems to agree a little bit of walking or movement is better than none on your stress levels.

  4. Socialize

    Sometimes all we need is someone to talk to and unload the feelings. Being a more introverted person myself, this process has never been one to come easy. That being said, I highly recommend it if you find a person you feel comfortable opening up to. While it may be scary spewing all the stresses in your life, socializing with someone you trust can unload stress that you’ve been holding on to. Socializing is a great, easy way to improve your mental health.  

  5. Get Some ZZZ’s

    Are you getting enough sleep? A lot of times our stress levels tend to rise when we choose to forego sleep to fit in more in our day. Sleep plays a big role in your body’s processing and restoration. It allows both your body and mind to recover from the day you have had. As all of us that have been stressed know, sleep doesn’t come easiest when you are stressed. Grandma’s trick of a warm glass of milk might not always cut it either. Some people choose to do meditation before bed, deep stretching, taking a warm bath, or seeking a natural supplement for sleep. Whatever route you go to get more rest at night, it is important it works for you and your lifestyle; also, always make sure you consult your primary care physician before taking any supplements. The most important thing is to just do your best to get some zzz's and your stress will thank you. 


Sometimes, you might need a little more help than you can do on your own and it might be time you look for outside help. Our office offers several natural treatments for stress, as well as several different hormone tests that might show something else going on elevating your stress levels.

Some of our favorite de-stress supplements we offer:

Stress is incredibly common and sometimes no matter how hard we try, we just cannot kick it. That’s okay and not something to be ashamed of. We at 180 Health are here to help you along your health journey and become your best self.

Shelby B Marketing Director for 180 Health & Wellness

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