Why we should think about Nutrient Density!

I want to start this post out by talking for a brief moment about the term "Diet" which to most of us entails what are we going to be removing from our diets but instead think of diet in terms of Nutrient Density and what we choose to add to our diets.

Nutrient Density is the amount of micronutrients aka vitamins and minerals per calorie of food we eat. High nutrient dense foods give our bodies high levels of vitamins and minerals where low nutrient dense foods do not supply our bodies with much other than energy in terms of nutrition. "Think chips vs carrots."

We commonly recommend the Paleo diet in our office, Paleo foods are found to be some of the most nutrient dense especially since the staple foods under Paleo would be whole foods. This is why we love Paleo it gets patients back to eating real whole foods which are full of the nutrition our bodies need to function at an optimal level. That being said is why it is so vital for us to eat a variety of colorful and nutrient dense whole foods as we get different vitamins and minerals from different foods.

Some of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat range from organ meats, fresh leafy green veggies, colorful fruit such as berries, and even shellfish.

By making small changes and adding more nutrient dense foods to your diet you may find that overtime your whole diet has become nutrient dense and your body will thank you!

If you have questions on Nutrient Density or the Paleo Diet or just have a general wellness question get in touch with us today!


source: https://www.thepaleomom.com/nutrient-density/?activecampaign_id=clintc@meekchiro.com

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